Akropolis at night

It all started as a stroll in the historical center of Athens, at the foothills of Acropolis. As we were looking for typical, authentic and traditional places, we realized there were a few things missing. The all-time classic Greek Yogurt with Spoon Sweets was definitely one of them. Especially when you want to take it with you and walk around the most beautiful pedestrian road of Athens, Dionisiou Areopagitou. So we said, “Why don’t we do that?”

We wanted our concept to be rooted in the timeless traditions yet be approachable, contemporary, and full of the authentic Greek experience and spirit. We also wanted to avoid the clichés of typical tourist areas and offer outstanding products and service both for Greeks and for those visiting Greece. It became obvious, we had to create a brand that would be Authentic, Gourmet and ... Crazy. All three at once!


Authentic because we wanted to respect the timeless Greek traditional recipes. We couldn't be the first Greek yogurt bar without being authentic. We searched throughout Greece to find the finest ingredients: smooth and creamy Yogurt, Spoon Sweets like those that mothers are still making in their home, and Honeys that are sweet and delicate.

Gourmet because there are innumerable yogurt combinations beyond the classic ones. And the classic ones would have to be phenomenal. So we let our imagination free and this is how we came up with the refreshing Yogurt Smoothies with Mandarin and Chocolate chips, the tasteful Greek Sheep Yogurt topped with Fir Honey and Hazelnut, the Light Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries and Sliced Almonds, and many more combinations.

Crazy because you cannot represent Greece without having the Greek spirit! We want our customers to leave with a smile on their faces because they have spent a few minutes in a place that shows the best of Greece! A place full of smiles and people who are proud of what they do, passionate about every yogurt they prepare, and offering to you only the best products they can find. The Fresko Yogurt Bar!

We hope to meet you soon in our store and to have the opportunity to share with you our passion: yogurt at its best!