A brief history of Yogurt

Yogurt has been made and eaten for at least 5,500 years. Historians believe yogurt was probably discovered by accident with the first batches born in bags full of goat's milk while they were being carried around by nomadic people. Some brave (or hungry) soul probably tried the dubious substance, thought "This is pretty good!," and decided to try duplicating the results.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is one of the world's most premium yogurts. It is thick and rich; not runny or watery as others may be. It is very beneficial to your health, and compared to other yogurt, it has about twice the protein, half the sodium, half the carbohydrates, less lactose, and is a more concentrated source of pro-biotics.

And of couse, it also has a delicious taste! A visit in Fresko Yogurt Bar will definitely convince you.

There are 5 types currently offered at Fresko Yogurt Bar:

Haven't we misspelled "yoghurt"?

The original English word comes from the Turkish word yoğurt (deriving from an even older Turkish verb meaning "to thicken"). So why "yoghurt"? The Turkish letter "ğ" had been transliterated as "gh" in some English speaking countries in previous decades (based on an early romanization of the Ottoman Turkish [Arabic] alphabet used before 1928) but that letter is now most frequently transliterated as "g" especially by manufacturers, food retailers, the Oxford English Dictionary, and the majority of other English dictionaries. If you are sad to see "yoghurt" disappearing, can you imagine how the "yoghourt" and "yogourt" lovers before you felt? Their transliterations were once popular, too.

In Greece, it is γιαούρτι, but we have chosen our English rendering as "yogurt", which we find simpler, cleaner without any unpronounced letters, closer to the original Turkish, more broadly accepted across all English locales, and easier for our non-native English speaking guests to pronounce phonetically.

All that said, know that however you want to spell it or pronounce it, we're delighted to celebrate such a long and tasty tradition together!