Fresko Spoon Sweets

What are spoon sweets?

Spoon sweets are made with fresh whole fruits ripened under the Greek sun. Each spoon sweet reflects the season when the fruit was at its peak so its freshness and aroma is captured under the best conditions. This fruit is boiled in all-natural sugar with a few drops of lemon juice to preserve the color and texture. All our spoon sweets are made without preservatives, additives, glucose, or coloring.

You can enjoy spoon sweets plain with a tall glass of ice water or spoon them over Greek yogurt and enjoy.

Fresko Spoon Sweet Flavors

Fresko Yogurt Bar offers many different flavors. All are offered for purchase by the jar so you can take them home with you.

Fresko Black Cherry Spoon Sweet Black Cherry

Black Cherry - Black Cherry is the most popular Greek spoon sweet. It’s a perfect match with Greek yogurt that creates a one of a kind combination full of aromas and taste! A must have at Fresko Yogurt Bar!

Fresko Quince Spoon Sweet Quince

Quince - Crunchy and colorful the Quince spoon sweet makes an ideal combination with Greek Traditional Yogurt giving a refreshing taste. A match made in heaven – trust us!

Fresko Blueberry Spoon Sweet Blueberry

Blueberry - A blue delightful spoon sweet, with great texture, balanced carefully with the fragrance of rose tea! If you are looking for a rich berry flavor, try Blueberry with Cow Yogurt.

Fresko Cherry Spoon Sweet Cherry

Cherry - from big juicy Greek cherries, this spoon sweet has a unique vibrant red color and a mouthwatering taste. The absolute enjoyment! Our Cherry is lighter and sweeter than our Black Cherry.

Fresko Plum Spoon Sweet Plum

Plum - moderately sweet and very tasteful Plum spoon sweet is the perfect choice for an after meal dessert. Plain or mixed in a Yogurt Smoothie with a shot of Rum – the choice is yours.

Fresko Orange Spoon Sweet Orange

Orange - big chunks of orange in a bittersweet spoon sweet that goes very well with Traditional Greek Yogurt. Try it also with a few chocolate chips drizzled over it to add a modern twist to this all time favorite Greek treat. Just delicious!

Fresko Lemon Spoon Sweet Lemon

Lemon - Lemon makes a very fragrant spoon sweet, slightly sour and ideal for a palate cleanser. Add a few crunchy pieces of hazelnut for the perfect combination. Or pair with Mandarin for a richer citrus experience.

Fresko Mandarin Spoon Sweet Mandarin

Mandarin - Mandarin spoon sweet is sliced in thin stripes capturing the essence oils of the mandarin skin and all the aromas of its peak. If summer had a taste, it would very well be this refreshing zest.

Fresko Strawberry Spoon Sweet Strawberry

Strawberry - juicy fresh strawberries are cooked in small batches so as to release all their aromas in creating this wonderful spoon sweet. Mix it with Light Yogurt and top it with some walnuts. One of our favorite combinations!

Fresko Grape Spoon Sweet Grape

Grape - sweet and balanced our Grape spoon sweet can also be served over toasted bread or used as an alternative to marmalade.