Online γαστρονόμος
A store with fresh yogurts and hand made spoon sweets was for sure missing from the gastronomic map of the capital.
Γεωργία Ζαβιτσάνου - Online γαστρονόμος
A different bar, a yogurt bar!
Editorial - Forma
With the first spoon you understand that the owners have invested in quality
Δώρα Δημητρούλα - Olive
I will make a refreshing stop at the new yogurt bar Fresko.
Νανά Πουλτίδου - ΓΥΝΑΙΚΑ
Athens Magazine
Brand new and unique Fresko Yogurt Bar in Akropolis has gone one step further.
Μάνος Κιαπόκας - Athens Magazine
The store's concept is totally aligned with the basic principles that its creators have set from the very beginning: it showcases the real and authentic greek tradition through its flavour suggestions.
Βάλλια Κανελλοπούλου - [email protected]
Athens News
Athenians today can experience old Athens with a modern interpretation. A delicious way to revel in an evening stroll under the mystic aura of the Acropolis.
Helen Varvatidis - Athens News
Athens Daily Secret (GR version)
Finally a fully Greek fad.
Athens Daily Secret (GR version)
Athens Daily Secret (EN version)
Newly opened Fresko Yogurt Bar may be in a 'touristy' spot in Athens but it is anything but cliché.
Athens Daily Secret (EN version)
Taste & Style
Yogurt from you own place…
Δήμητρα Παπαχρήστου - Taste & Style
Athens Voice
The first yogurt-erie of Athens is a reality!
Γιώργος Απέργης - Athens Voice
If there are ideas the crisis is not a problem.
Δημήτρης Ρηγόπουλος - Καθημερινή
Athens Magazine
Ask for the fig smoothie with a shot of the mastica liquor and you will forget whatever you knew!
Συντακτική ομάδα - Athens Magazine
I tried the small strawberry and the mandarin spoon sweets. Even now that I am writing the article I can feel under my nose their wonderful aromas.
Ντένη Καλλιβωκά - Αθηνόραμα